Nicor pisses me off slightly less now

[Update: I guess Comed waves the fee when you set up auto pay as well.]

Alternate title: Comed now pisses me off.

A while back I was bitching about how I needed to pay a deposit with my monthly gas and electric bills. I can understand the need for this, but it still pissed me off. The deposit for Nicor is pretty fucking steep, running over $50 a month for just the deposit. And that’s for a year.

But I learned, apparently, that if you set up the automatic pay on their website (link it to a bank account) they wave the deposit. Or at least so it would seem as my Gas bill dropped from ~$70 to ~$20 last month.

This makes sense, because by setting up the automatic payments, I’m saying to them: “Hey, I plan on paying this fucking bill on time” comma, smiley face. They do not need a deposit. I don’t need to be raped this winter.

So, on to why this post is subtitled Comed pisses me off. They do not seem to agree with Nicor’s understanding that I’ll pay the bill on time when I set up auto-pay. Rather, my deposit for comed actually increased a dollar or two from the last bill for whatever reason. Bastards. At least their deposit only lasts six months. Also, you do sorta get the deposits back after the designated period.

Moral of the story, if you are looking to avoid Nicor’s and Comed’s deposit period, set up automatic payments. At least that is what my most recent bill and super sleuthing skills tell me.

-Dave out


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