Free Papa John’s pizza to Camaro owners

Heard this on Q101 this morning as well:

John Schnatter, better known as the founder of Papa John’s pizza, was reunited with his beloved 1971 ½ Chevrolet Camaro Z28 on Tuesday after selling the car 26 years earlier to finance his pizza chain dream. Schnatter had been on the search for the car for the better part of the last two decades, with his hunt coming to an end earlier today in Flatwoods, Kentucky.

Schnatter began searching for his Camaro in the early 1990s, even enlisting the services of a former FBI agent. However, his efforts turned up nothing on the car, prompting the pizza mogul to launch a nationwide Papa John’s Road Trip promotion in May to crank up the search.

Schnatter went city-to-city on his nationwide road trip to find his old Chevy, offering $25,000 for any information leading to his former car. That amount was soon cranked up to $250,000, generating enough interest to finally unearth the lost Camaro.

Schnatter’s Camaro surfaced in Flatwoods, Kentucky, not far from Papa John’s headquarters in Louisville. As it turns out, the Z28 is actually a 1971 model, explaining why Schnatter’s search for the car as a 1972 model had turned up nothing.

Despite the years apart, the Camaro is actually still in good shape, although it has been modified for racing and shows. The Z28 reportedly pumps out 825 horsepower, but Jeffery Robinson – the last owner of the car – saved many of the original parts.

In celebration of the Camaro Z28 returning home, Papa John’s will offer free pizza to all Camaro owners on August 26th.

Do Trans AM’s count?

-Dave out


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