Gunslinger Girl season 2 episode 1 for free on PSN

Gunslinger Girl – Distance Between Two: Brother and Sister (Season 2: Episode 1) is now available for free permanent download on the PlayStation Network. The offer is good through Thursday, September 17.

Via AnimeNation

Gunslinger Girl follows the story of a group of young girls that are either orphans or otherwise taken from their families in order to be turned into brainwashed, partially cyborg, assassins working for an organization in Italy.

I’m looking forward to seeing the second season in dubbed form. I’m still waiting for a torrent as it stands, but the first season was a good watch. Despite most of the main characters being young girls, this anime/manga is far from the typical “hey look, cute girls!” crap that has been coming out of Japan as of late. Rather, the series is actually rather dark and morbid, and the ending of the first season has to be the most depressing thing I’ve seen in anime.

So if your PS3 is attached to the internet ( šŸ˜¦ ), go download!

-Dave out


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