CTS-V Wagon


556 horsepower in a station wagon? For sale in the United States? From General Motors? Yes, it’s hard to believe — but soon it’ll be a reality. According to a published report, the General has approved production of the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon, which won’t just be the fastest station wagon in North America — it could easily be the quickest estate in the world.

After extensive internal deliberation — we’ve heard back-and-forth rumors for month — General Motors has apparently decided to approve the V Wagon for series production, according to Edmunds.

It has long been known that Cadillac plans to launch a CTS-V Coupe alongside the standard two-door model, but the wagon variant comes as a bit of a surprise given economic conditions and Americans’ reluctance to buy station wagons. In fact, it even offering the CTS Wagon was a subject of debate. Nonetheless, it seems there’s a sufficient business case to move forward.

The CTS-V will do battle with the Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon and BMW M5 Touring. Mercedes has offered previous E-Class AMG models in America, but we’ve yet to hear whether the E63 will be imported. As for the M5, BMW has made it clear there are no plans to offer it here.

The CTS-V sedan has basically become my new dream car. A 4000lb RWD sedan that will run flat 12’s stock, for much cheaper than the Germans. What’s not to love about that? Well add a coupé and wagon to the line up, and things get even better.

I wish I was rich.

– Dave out


3 thoughts on “CTS-V Wagon

  1. It is a niche car, that is for sure. But I would not call it “fatally stupid” to create. Keep in mind there will be a V6 version as well just like with the other CTS models. At that point all they have to do is throw in the already prepared V drive train. Not hard.

    I do not respect GM’s ability to run a business, but I do respect many of the vehicles they have created, past and present.

  2. The people who like the cars that US automakers make can’t afford to buy them. And US automakers can’t pay their bills with IOUs – probably.

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