House season opens with Radiohead

I was watching the two hour premiere of the sixth season of House last night and the episode’s semi cold-opener features House struggling with painkiller withdrawal to the tune of Radiohead’s No Surprises. The song is track ten and a single on their third album OK Computer.

Since I’ve moved into the condo I am too cheap to buy cable, and really wouldn’t watch enough of it to justify paying anyway. So I am rocking the antenna TV. I discovered that I like House from watching the reruns of the previous season on Fox. It was not a show I was expecting to like, but it’s damn good.

Anyway, this would be the second time a show I like featured a Radiohead song off of OK Computer. It thought it was pretty cool. I was looking at the laptop screen as the show started and when I heard the begining of the the song, I was like “AH! Radiohead!” Oh, and the episode itself was quite good.

-Dave out


5 thoughts on “House season opens with Radiohead

  1. Thank you for helping me find out which Radiohead song that is from the House opener! It’s been torturing me forever, and now I finally know which one it is. I heard it once before, and I can’t describe it or sing it to try to ask anyone else. If you’ve ever seen the Married with Children where Al has the “Go with him…” song haunting him, it was just like that. Now I can listen to it more than twice!

  2. The funny part is that I didn’t know the name of the song at first, or even that it was one of their singles. I just remembered that it was on OK Computer so the next morning after seeing that episode I popped in that CD on my ride to work and found which track it was (10). I then hit up wikipedia to find the title of the song.

    Glad I could end the torture 😉

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