Super Mario is dead

Or at least the only person to do a truly enjoyable job voicing him and portraying him in live-action has died. Louis Vincent Albano (AKA “Captain Lou”) died today at the age of 76. Albano played the role of iconic video game character Mario in the short lived 1989 television series The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

The show took a look at the daily life of the Bros. when they lived in Brooklyn. This is where Albano and actor Danny Wells played probably the most memorable and best -albeit campy as fuck- live action Mario Bros. Albano and Wells also voiced the equally campy cartoon segments which made up the other half of each episode. And again, these -in my mind anyway- were the best voices and personalities given to the characters ever.

I basically grew up on Super Mario. And I do mean the campy 80’s Mario, not stereotypical wap-dego voiced N64 Mario. So I guess rest in peace Capt Lou! Only thing left to say is:



-Dave out


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