Drain STH – Freaks of Nature

Man, I fucking love this CD. Eroc and John will know it as the only MP3s Jorge had on his 360 that night we played Forza 2 until four in the morning. We had those songs drummed into our heads over and over on auto-repeat. Listening in my car on the way to work this morning, I realized that it’s a really friggin good CD. I must burn their first CD, Horror Wrestling, as well.

Kevin said just the other day that there will never be anything like Snake River Conspiracy for us ever again. But I dare to say this is that anything. First is the hearing it over and over to get introduced to it. But even more, I learned though the wikipedia god (or gods, or nothing) that Martina Axén, the singer for SRC, was the drummer/backup vocals for Drain STH. How about that shit?

-Dave out

Throw your hands in the air…

Tobey Torres was the original lead singer of SRC, I guess Martina Axén replaced her. Not sure why a band with only one full studio album needs a replacement singer… but there you go.


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