Proof Gamers Pwn the Average Joe

So it’s not really proof and it’s kind of old news but let me sum it up for everybody.  So what would you think if I told you that Online gamers are actually in better shape than the rest of the population?  You might say something like, ” Eroc that sounds crazy!  That doesn’t fit the stereotype at all! “.  Well a survey done in 2008 has something quite different to say.  Basically the researchers of the study quizzed gamers that were playing EverQuest II (Nerver heard of it probably wouldn’t like it anyway…) about their health and got some interesting results.  The results showed that the online gamers on average were in better shape than the average American.  This could be because the average online gamer is older (about 30 I think) and has more disposable income.  Whatever the reason this is far from proof and this was just a small study only looking at one game.  More studies would have to be done before this is considered common knowledge.  I’ll keep watching the interweb for more info.

For the whole story please check out this…..–physically-if-not-mentally.html?feedId=health_rss20


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