A little misdirection

John would go fucking apeshit:

Kid gets this instead of Modern Warfare 2

The lovely image above demonstrates that while grandparents do love their grandchildren immensely, they aren’t exactly keeping current on the latest videogame releases while sipping herbal tea on the sandy beach outside their Florida condo. So the next time you drop hints to your grandparents, make sure you are as specific as possible. In other words, if you want the Modern Warfare 2 videogame for the [insert platform here], spell it out, or like the kid in this humorous predicament, there’s a good chance you too will wind up with the Modern Warfare themed DVD four film box set.

Classic fail? Or clear misdirection on the part of the creator of that DVD box set? Now I’ve seen products at stores around xmas time that were clearly designed to trick clueless parents/grandparents/etc (“GameStation”, really?), but this one really takes the cake.

I almost want to buy John a copy.

-Dave out


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