Resident Evil 5 DLC

Actually it’s two more DLCs and this time around they will focus more on the story of the game.  The first DLC is called Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares and you play as Jill and Chris going through a scary mansion much like RE4.  The second DLC is Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape.  In Desperate Escape you will also play as Jill with Josh Stone as they escape the Tricell facility.  It also seems like both DLCs will come with more character costumes as well.  Both DLCs look like they would be fun and maybe they can revive that RE5 disc that has been sitting in its case for far too long.

Release Dates


2 thoughts on “Resident Evil 5 DLC

  1. They sound good. This is part of the “Gold” version of the game that they are releasing for the PS3 to use it’s upcoming Wiimote new motion controller.

    It’s basically the same game but they did add this new content. Capcom decided to release the new missions, costumes, and Mercenaries characters as DLC for both systems for those that already own the original release. Probably worth the purchase.

    Here are the release dates according to Wikipedia:

    The DLC content release dates are as follows: “Lost in Nightmares” and the first costume pack will be available for download on February 17 for Xbox 360 and February 18 for PS3, while “Desperate Escape”, the second episode, and costume pack will be released on March 3 (Xbox 360) and 4th (PS3).

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