Single layer BD storage capacity raised to 33.4GB

It finally looks like the per-layer storage capacity of Blu-ray Discs will really be increased, from 25 GB to 33.4 GB, thanks to the appearance of a new method of evaluating Blu-ray Disc media quality even at the higher capacity. The new method is likely to accelerate development of discs offering even more storage space.

Read and write at 33.4 GB per layer would be implemented thanks to the use of partial response maximum likelihood (PRML) signal processing. The new method can continue to use the existing Blu-ray optics: a blue-violet laser diode with a 405 nm wavelength, and an object lens with a numeric aperture (NA) of 0.85.

From 25 to 33.4 GB per Layer, Even Larger Blu-ray Discs on the Horizon

– Dave out


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