Nissan sues former NFL star

Only in America:

A new report reveals Nissan is in currently in a legal battle with former NFL star Deuce McAllister over a failed dealership in Jackson, Mississippi.

According to court records, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. is suing McAllister and his company, Deuce McAllister Motors LLC, for more than $1.5 million. NMAC claims McAllister’s dealership defaulted on a number of payments in 2008 and also exceeded its credit limit.

In response, McAllister has filed a countersuit against NMAC, claiming Nissan did little to help the dealership survive and allowed McAllister to open the store in an area that was primed for failure. McAllister’s court filing, unearthed by the Associated Press, claims Nissan knew he “was a young professional athlete inexperienced in the motor vehicle sales business”. McAllister operated a used car dealership prior to opening his Nissan store.

It remains unclear how much cash McAllister is countersuing for, but his court filing says he is seeking money for “incurred damage to his business relationships and reputation, and mental anguish and anxiety.”

Neither side seems to be backing down, so expect to hear more on this court case in the coming months.


So, Nissan is responsible for telling a dealership where a “bad” area to open is? If some random jackass (in this case some famous random jackass) that doesn’t know shit about selling cars opens a dealership that fails due to poor business practices, the parent company has to eat the loss?

I don’t claim to know exactly how the dealership-corporation relationship works, but normally you are suppose to pay what you owe when you fuck up. Oh wait… that’s right, in America you are rewarded for being a dumbass with your money. Never mind. Carry on.

-Dave out


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