Dead Bodies Everywhere

Hey, hey put down those shovels gravediggers and stop pushing bodies into that giant hole.  As it turns out dead bodies are safer than we think.  Thats right I just said that.  Now what the hell am I talking about.  Well apparently there is this myth that when a lot of people die in a disaster like in Haiti the bodies should be buried immediately because these bodies pose some sort of health risk.  Now I can see why people would think there would be a health risk and I would think this too until I came across this article.  You see people who have died in disasters such as in Haiti pose very little health risk because they died of physical trauma and not some disease.  Therefore digging mass graves is a waste of time and resources that could be going to the survivors of such disasters.  And lets not forget the emotional and legal ramifications of this either.  When bodies are thrown into mass graves they are not properly identified making it hard for loved ones to get over the death and things like inheritance get tricky to figure out too.  It also gets hard to put a number on the amount of people who have died as well.  So just remember unless the dead are choking your rivers or your face to face with a zombie apocalypse slow down on the grave diggin.

This BBC News article should fill in all the gaps. BBC NEWS



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