Great Scott!

Hey all, I’m happy to announce Mr. Fusion is almost here!  Alright maybe I exaggerated but creating controlled fusion of atoms is just around the corner.  Scientists at the National Ignition Facility(NIF) are using powerful lasers aimed at a tiny fuel pellet made from an isotope of hydrogen to try to create “ignition”.  In the article this “ignition” is described as a controlled thermonuclear explosion.  Now how cool is that?

Now in the past many thought that fusion would not be possible with powerful lasers because of the amount of plasma it would create could interrupt the fusion.  It appears however that the plasma is not as big of a problem as originally thought based on the scientists findings.  The scientists also discovered that the plasma could be controlled to increase the uniformity of the compression, which probably means more efficient fusion. With such discoveries the NIF plasma scientist, Dr. Glenzer, seems quite confident that ignition is not to far off.  He has even stated, “It’s going to happen this year.”

I do this article no justice.  Please read more HERE

National Ignition Facility



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