Christ… they just announced a 40th Day DLC

Fuck!!! Stop making us pay more money for downloadable crap for a favorite games!!! Hot on the heels of my two earlier posts, there’s more DLC news.

Army of Two: The 40th Day is getting a DLC, titled Chapters of Deceit, that will include two new missions for the campaign mode. For people like Eroc and myself that have a giant drunken hard-on for this game, it’s great news. Well, there is some bad news rolled up in there too… it’s going to be $9.99. Also, the pack is set for a release on April 1st 2010. With a release date of the internet’s most annoying day it’s still questionable if the pack will ‘be’ at all.

Oh yeah, and $10 is a far cry from the first game’s FREE add-on content.

-Dave out


2 thoughts on “Christ… they just announced a 40th Day DLC

  1. The really sad part is that I *hate* the concept of paid DLC… But when something cool comes out for a game we really like, me and eroc is buying those fuckin PSN cards like anyone else.

    Borderlands, RE5, Valkyria, and Ao2. These are my weaknesses for DLC, just ironic for them all to get packs at once like this.

    I’m not stupid though, if a pack is not worth it I don’t buy it. I only downloaded one of the three currently released Valkyria DLCs. Hell, they even had a half-off sale on them at one point and I still just stuck with the one.

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