Edy’s Detachment this week

The fourth downloadable content pack for the epic PS3 game Valkyria Chronicles is due out this week. That means the 25th with the rest of the PSN store update. No word on price, but it’s likely to be $4.99

Not sure the fixation with the annoying Edy character in the game, but it can probably be explained by Japan’s odd obsession with cutesy little anime girls. At least this pack sounds like it’s worth it with six missions, unlike the first Edy DLC with a pitiful one mission. The pack features missions that focus on using each of the game’s classes (minus engineers) and the tank. Seems strange to have class-specific missions, but whatever.

According to the SEGA blog post, you can choose to use characters from the original game in the expansion too, so that might have been enough to win me over. ‘Cause Edy is lame.

Fuck. Between this, Borderlands, and RE5 DLC in early March they’re raping my (read: Eroc’s) wallet with the PSN cards.

– Dave out


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