Gene Simmons’ son rips off Bleach

Yep you read that title correctly, Kiss member Gene Simmons’ son Nick Simmons draws a graphic novel. One with a very heavy manga/anime art style. That seems pretty badass, right? Only one problem, fans are claiming (with some pretty damning evidence) that his graphic novel, Incarnate, is a blatant ripoff of Bleach, Hellsing as well as other manga titles:

According to ANN, the publisher of Incarnate, Radical Publishing, has halted production of Simmons’ graphic novel to investigate. Viz Media, who publishes the English language version of Tite Kubo’s manga Bleach says it will be investigating. Kinda funny really. The dude clearly has some talent (assuming he actually hand drew all these),  so why plagiarize  these other works?

-Dave out


4 thoughts on “Gene Simmons’ son rips off Bleach

  1. Before Nick can have talent, he actually has to draw the comics. Considering the capacity for deception required to plagiarize Bleach, I would like to see the evidence surrounding the authorship.

  2. Well, it’s obvious they’re traced/copied which is idiocy because of the popularity of Bleach and Hellsing. Unfortunately, in the comic world, thanks to a certain few Marvel/DC artists, tracing has become the “it” thing to get results fast.

    If one decides to take the untalented hack route to comic publishing, one should probably pick a lesser known manga/anime/source to copy from!

  3. Nick Simmons has responded. As expected, he mostly plays the homage card as well as claims that he is “inspired by work [he] admire[s]”. I call BS, looking at the pictures makes what was going on pretty clear.

    Ironically, now I want to find a torrent of Incarnate just to read it and see how derivative it really is. Probably not the author’s original intention.

  4. Wow. Found this site that has even more comparison pictures. Some of these dead on traces/copies from Bleach. The links at the bottom show off more of the Hellsing plagiarism as well. It’s safe to say that the dark-haired character is a complete ripoff of Alucard.

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