A quick and simple review of the Hunter humidifier

My parents got me this Hunter humidifier for the winter in my condo. Humidifier’s, for me, are something you have to buy new every year, because after a winter’s worth of running (almost non-stop) your current one it is so disgusting that it’s beyond cleaning.

They bought one of the higher end models this year, thinking we could end that disappointing trend. They purchased one of Hunter’s “Maintenance Free!” models, the 34357. As far as small humidifiers go, this one has an impressive list of features. But then again I think my parents paid around $80 for this model, so it better. The main selling point was that it claimed to be “100% maintenance free” with a wick that never needs replacing! Whatever the fuck a wick is…

They bought me this model because I’m a set and forget kinda guy, I don’t want to have to work on or clean a humidifier before I use it every year. So they figured if it’s written on the box, it must be true! Even the user’s manual (which I still have for some reason) has wording that leads you to believe that you never have to clean this device, other than possible “mineral deposits”. Well let me tell you, a maintenance free humidifier this is not. I’m quite confident that no such thing exists.

But pictures speak a thousand words, so here is the scene in my Hunter model 34357 after around four-five months use (click for full size):

Pretty fucking dirty huh?  Should I clean that or just believe the box that water is suppose to be that color?  I can only imagine what a picture of the inside of my lungs would look like.

Sure, this can be cleaned with not too much effort and a new filter can be had for a $10, but that’s not the point. I hate when companies basicly lie right to your face by using tricky wording and those ever so lovely little asterisks that lead to fine print that says “this statement is not true”.

Now, I’m not a hater. This had to be the best humidifier I have ever had, especially compared to the cheapy ones you can find at Jewel/Osco and Hunter makes great fan products. I just want to warn anyone looking at this model though, you’re still going to have to clean the fucker at least every year.

-Dave out


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