PS3s was Fubar’d

It wasn’t just you that couldn’t connect to PSN, Kevin. I guess there was a serious error with the date/time system on the older “fat” PS3s that was screwing them when you tried to connect to PSN. Seems all is magically fixed now though.

Sony says that there’s a bug in “the clock functionality incorporated in the system”. What that means is that affected systems are resetting their internal clocks to 12/31/99, and this is causing a whole mess of problems including the inability to log into the PlayStation Network, start games and play certain video rentals. In addition, Trophy data for the games you’re trying and failing to play turns into “corrupt data”.

You can read more here

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10 thoughts on “PS3s was Fubar’d

  1. The worst part was that even though I disabled the internet, I couldn’t play any games. Every time i started one it would fail at loading trophies and then say please exit the game. That is total bs if you ask me.

  2. Yeah, it wasn’t just PSN that was screwed. Trophies were screwed too I guess (probably some other minor things as well). That caused games that had them not to load.

    I didn’t even notice because I was pretty busy on Sunday and only briefly fired up Valkyria to check out the new DLC. That game doesn’t have trophies so I didn’t even notice.

    As far as I know there is still no official word from Sony, but I’ll post it when it comes.

  3. I don’t understand how it was broken and how they could have possibly fixed it. What if i did not ever connect to psn. Would it have broke? How would it fix itself?

  4. You didn’t need to connect to the internet for there to be a problem, the issue was with the system’s internal BIOS date/time settings. As Mikey said it thought it was a leap year. It “fixed” itself when the date rolled over to the next.

    I haven’t turned mine on since Sunday afternoon, but is the date behind by one now?

  5. From what I’ve read on the subject, the OS clock (the one you can actually see) is separate from the internal BIOS clock (for whatever reason), and can be set to whatever you want. While I don’t know of any way you can actually check it, most people speculate that the internal clock is still fsck’d. Which is a perfectly logical conclusion.

    Hopefully, Sony will fix this in a firmware update, or it could easily happen again. Sounds like the worst that has really happened to anyone was some corrupted trophy data, and I couldn’t give two shits about trophies, so the whole thing is far from the end of the world.

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