Facebook privacy settings explored in detail

Mike wanted me to post this:

Once a stronghold of privacy, Facebook has started playing fast & loose with users’ personal data in recent months. If you’re scratching your head wondering how all of this affects you as a user of the service, read on.

The more the Internet becomes a part of all our lives, the more our privacy seems to be taken for granted. Search giant Google has been criticized at every turn for having “loose morals” when it comes to their users’ personal data, but they’re quickly being upstaged by the wildly popular social networking site Facebook — formerly a privacy “fortress of solitude,” but that’s changed in recent months.

While Facebook used to assume that you didn’t want to share much personal data with the world outside of their walled garden, the service now seems to be taking a fairly casual (some would say irresponsible) stance on the issue, with recent changes exposing more information about you to the outside world than ever before.

The effect is two-fold: The privacy options are now so labyrinthine that many users just ignore the problem or cross their fingers and hope for the best, but users who take a little time to arm themselves with information about the changes find that they have more granular control over their privacy than ever before.

The full article, located here, outlines and explains in detail the various privacy settings in Facebook. You can learn where to find these settings and exactly what they do. This will be helpful for those confused as to what exactly the outside world can learn about you on the ever-popular social networking site.

In an age where people post all kinds of stupid personal shit on the internet, Facebook especially, it is good to know exactly what you can do to protect this information. Granted, people who would care the most about privacy on facebook, and the more techno savvy (that fucks wit the future) crowd most likely already went through these settings and set them to what they desired.

But, you may have missed some settings. I, for example, am only on Facebook superficially. I already had all my privacy settings set to “Friends Only” and you could say that I am VERY picky as to whom I allow as a friend.

That said, I learned a couple interesting things from the article. Actually going through all the settings again in more detail after reading it, I realized that there were settings that even I missed turning to only friends or disabling outright. So, if you are on FB and are the paranoid, anti-social type like me that cares about your privacy, give the article a read.

-Dave out


2 thoughts on “Facebook privacy settings explored in detail

  1. Last night Fox Chicago news said that Facebook is planning to change the settings again to make it easier in response to the outcry.

    My understanding is that really the only current “problem” is that some of the default settings are undesirable. Otherwise the only issue is with people being to lazy or ignorant to adjust the settings.

    Maybe its because I’m a tech guy, but when I get something new the first thing I do is play with the settings. That, along with the fact that I was wanting to be very private on FB made the privacy settings the first thing I configured.

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