Been meaning to post this for a couple weeks. This is a quick follow up to my previous post about PeerGuardian. I learned not to long after from reading on wikipedia that PeerGuardian was no longer supported by it’s creators, I also noticed it wasn’t really getting any of the black lists.

The creators of PeerGuardian are now supporting a program called PeerBlock. To me, it looks and functions exactly as PeerGuardian does (and rightfully so as it is designed with that as base). The lists actually update with this software so this is the software to get. The only thing is, now that the blocking is actually working, I found myself quickly turning off the HTTP\HTTPS filtering. The program wanted to block a popular site that is known for not giving out the IPs of it’s users. Lets call it “The Swashbuckler’s Cove”.

Anyway, everything I said in the previous post should just be applied to this software, PeerBlock. You can download it here.

-Dave out


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