Another live action Gantz trailer

Pretty cool.

Disclaimer: Contains Japanese gibberish and overly dramatic music.


4 thoughts on “Another live action Gantz trailer

  1. Well, first off you have to read the manga version. The anime is utter crap compared to it, despite having excellent animation and an entertaining english dub (lot’s of f-bombs).

    Gantz has an interesting story that starts off as one thing and slowly turns into something completely different now that we are near the end of it. It doesn’t follow a lot of the tropes you will find in anime/manga storytelling. EG: main characters can die violently and suddenly, charters have sex rather then giggle and blush. etc etc

    It is very mature and dark/gritty in nature which makes it somewhat more believable. I mean the basic story is about a high school kid that fights weird aliens, that sounds like a pretty goddamned cliched generic anime plot right there… But it’s not like that at all.

    I also like the effort put into developing the characters. The first two arcs are split up into the various missions along with events from the character’s real lives now that they are involved with Gantz. You’ll learn at least a little bit about them all, and feel bad (or glad in some cases) for them if/when they perish.

    You’d have to read it to get what I am saying better I guess. It’s not “perfect” like I would call Berserk, but it is a unique and entertaining work none the less.

  2. I read Gantz Volume 10 this evening after reading your comment. I liked it. I plan to get the first nine volumes from I didn’t like the anime. So I am glad I asked for your opinion, read the manga, and changed my mind.

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