Brand new HighSchool of the Dead anime already licensed for a dub

Sentai Filmworks has issued a press release announcing its acquisition of the DVD rights to MADHOUSE’s Highschool of the Dead, the television anime adaptation of Daisuke Satō’s manga. In the release, Sentai also announced its intention to dub the series into English.

The Anime Network then announced that they will simulcast the series starting July 5 at 12:00 a.m. CDT (10:00 p.m. PDT/1:0 a.m. EDT), with subsequent episodes added every Sunday at 10:00 p.m. CDT (8:00 p.m. PT/11:00 p.m. EDT). The first episode will be available to registered users; it is unclear at this time whether subsequent episodes will be available for free or for paid users only.

Highschool of the Dead follows a group of students that must band together to survive a zombie apocalypse. The manga has an interesting story and is noted for it’s heavy violence, and of course shameless panty shots and female characters with impossibly large boobs…

I have a HD (720p) quality subtitled version of the first episode (that I’m pretty sure is a rip of the simulcast they speak of above) and from what I watched of it I was very impressed with the animation quality. That, with the fact that I enjoy the manga makes the fact that an English dub is already planned is very cool. That was pretty damn quick.


-Dave out


2 thoughts on “Brand new HighSchool of the Dead anime already licensed for a dub

  1. I am thinking about starting a manga. It will be called 女性の身体の部品の戦い. The main plot will be girl robots fighting for larger female body parts.

  2. I can’t read kanji but that plot sounds like it would fly with the lonely bastards in japan that a lot of modern anime panders to. Look up an anime called “Strike Witches” good example right there.

    Despite the shameless fanservice -which I don’t really care for as I feel it just gives anime/manga a bad image- HOTD is a fun manga to read.

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