Valkyria Chronicles 3 is official… on PSP again

This has been rumored for over a week, but I wanted to wait until it was official to post it. Valkyria Chronicles 3 will, to the dismay of all those wishing for the series to return to it’s PS3 roots, be another PSP title.

I made it no secret here about my displeasure with the second Valkyria being an apparent cop-out in the form of a PSP game when it was first announced. But, that was then and now is when I got my hands on a (super cheap, used) PSP specifically to play VC2.

I was planning on writing a review for the second game once I’ve played a significant portion of it, but I’ll give you the simple version for now: It’s a great game, an excellent game actually, but pretty much inferior to the first one nearly in every way. They made some interesting improvements on the formula of the game where they could, and the customization options are more robust. But something is missing.

As worthy of a sequel as VC2 is, sometimes it is still hard to look past things that were so great about the first game that are lacking in the second. I, as I am sure just about every other Valkyria fan out there, was hoping for VC3 to return to the PS3. No dice.

Anyway, the creators promise that the best of both the first and second game will return in the third title with some new features as well. They also tease that they wish for a future return to the PS3 for Valkyria, when they come up with ways to make it a completely new experience. I’ll believe it when I see it.

In the meantime, at least, I have a PSP now and can still look forward to playing the next Valkyria game whenever it is released in America.

Some more background info on the new Valkyria can be found here

-Dave out


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