Catherine US Trailer

Creepy and cool looking anime themed game Catherine was officially announced for a US release this summer. Here is the first US trailer:


5 thoughts on “Catherine US Trailer

  1. @ Sarah – agreed, in fact to be honest the trailers showing the game play of the action (dream) parts of the game have not really impressed me that much. I like the atmosphere, but the game play seems week. What I’m interested in is the other half of the game where you basically get to explore an interactive anime. One that has an interesting sounding story, and great visuals.

    @ Mike – standard practice really.

  2. I can agree, the action doesnt look very polished or well done compared to the anime looking parts. But for me, a great story can get me past things like that (unless they are just TOO bad lol).

  3. @ everyone – As long as the game play doesn’t get annoying like Afro Samurai with all it’s crazy wall jumping we should be just fine….. probably.

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