And you thought Americans sucked at driving…

Most people are fucking terrible drivers, no way around it. The lack of perception (situational awareness) and intelligence I witness from other drivers daily is baffling. But it certainly does not compare to the chaotic Chinese intersections shown in this video.

Apparently Chinese authorities have released the twelve minute video of traffic camera captured accidents as some sort of sobering warning to it’s commuters. With respect to those that were not at fault that were injured or killed in these incidents, the shear level of dumbassery in this video is shocking. It goes without saving that graphic content (probably NSFW) follows:


Most of the offending parties here are careless cyclists (motorized or otherwise), but there are some pretty piss poor displays of driving skills regardless. So next time you see a driver do something stupid, just be glad you don’t live where the streets and intersections are lawless chaos and you’re dodging people with their children spilling out of the back of their odd, horribly unsafe vehicles.


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