Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires PAL is region free, works in US PS3

I bought the UK (PAL) version of Dynasty Warriors 7 : Empires because I’m old school and like to have a disk in my hand for the new game I just purchased. I know the vast majority of PS3 games are region free, meaning you can import games from other territories and play them, but that there have been some exceptions (apparently including an earlier DW title).


It’s so pretty. It even comes with a full color manual that is actually helpful! Old school, indeed.

I looked over Google for a forum post or anything that might confirm that the game was region free, but mostly ended up with piracy links. I found the game on Play Asia’s site and it has it listed as region free. So I took the chance trusting the site and bought the game on Amazon, keeping my fingers crossed.

After a bit longer delivery wait time than I’m used to (my friends and I jested that it was arriving via ancient Chinese warship), I got the game and fired it up last night. It works perfectly in my North American (NTSC) 60GB “Fat” PS3, so I can confirm that the game is region free.

Hopefully that can help someone looking for the same info I was. As for the game itself? I’ve long given up on my mini reviews for this blog, but I can say that it is awesome. If you (and your coop friends) enjoyed DW6:Empires, you will certainly love this game. They basically expanded and improved on the previous title in every way. Even my friend who has never played the series before insisted on staying up until 2am on a work night to drink beers and couch coop it. =)


2 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires PAL is region free, works in US PS3

  1. Thank you! Info on if I could play the import from amazon was just what I was looking for. I too prefer disc in hand, especially if you are paying that much for a game! And who wants to spend 5 years downloading a game anyway! Thanks again! Will be getting a copy soon!

  2. It’s worth mentioning that since this post I’ve had to replace my PS3 (YLoD that I was able to re-flow, but didn’t trust to last) with a new 250gb “Super Slim” model and the game works with this variant of PS3 as well.

    I had no doubts that it would, but if there is anyone reading this post that is super paranoid about purchasing the game because they have a different generation of PS3 than described in the OP, this may help.

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