Transmitter Down Weblog

Transmitter Down was originally a hobby blog between friends that I inherited and turned into a place for obscure tech solutions I discover, that are not easy to find elsewhere.

I’m mostly leaving this blog up now for archival purposes, as it’s mostly dead but still gets some hits. I will try to write posts whenever I come up with a solution to something that is fairly unique and hard to find.

Although I will not be very active on site, and it’s been set up to require approval for all comments, I will still get email notifications on those and will approve and respond to any legitimate comments when I can.

Tech Support

I enjoy writing about tech problems/issues that I’ve solved that were not a matter of simply looking to Google for a quick answer. In fact, I try to write my tech articles in a way so that others who may be looking to the internet for a quick fix or answer to something can find our page.

Generally, I only bother to write these articles if the topic is something unique, esoteric, and/or fairly difficult to find the solution to by simply typing it into Google. This is my way of “giving back” to the internet that has helped me though many difficult tech support issues at work and home.


Transmitter Down legal stuffs:

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