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Hey, Transmitter Down is still not dead and has a new look! I’ve actually put up a couple of useful posts so far this year (after a year long hiatus) and will continue to moderate comments and respond to them if needed. We’ll see what else I come up with to post this year and beyond.


April 2013


Yo, I’m Dave, a late 20-something tech support specialist from the Chicago area. At this point I am the sole administrator and primary author of this blog. This site was started by a real-life friend of mine named Mike in September 2008. It was to be a dumping ground of sorts for this thoughts, as well as a place he could practice his writing skills. Later I, and another close friend, Eroc, joined the blog. In my teens I had experimented with websites and liked the idea of getting back into writing for one, and did so here for a few years about a wide variety of topics that interest me. For a while, we had a fairly active site with diverse content going up nearly every day.

Recently Mike, for reasons I still don’t completely understand, decided to abandon the blog. In doing so, he removed all of this old posts as well as his ownership of the blog. Admittedly, even for more than a year before this happened, the quantity, and to some extent even the quality, of our posts had decreased dramatically. There are plenty of reasons for this, but I care not to get into those. For the most part, my recent posts of any importance center around tech support articles (more on that below), while Eroc had only a handful of total posts to his name to begin with. (Lazy Bastard!)

I would not like to call this site dead. But it is a mere shell of it’s former self. I feel that there is still relevant data here that I have posted and wish to share with others, so deleting the blog would be a waste. I’d be lying, however, if I said Transmitter Down was any kind of priority for me right now. I will continue to moderate any valid comments and respond to to inquiries within reason and to the best of my abilities, and hopefully still post the occasional tech support article. Feel free to comment, I may not moderate (allow) it or reply right away, but I will get to it.


December 2011


Tech Support

I enjoy writing about tech problems/issues that I’ve solved that were not a matter of simply looking to Google for a quick answer. In fact, I try to write my tech articles in a way so that others who may be looking to the internet for a quick fix or answer to something can find our page. Generally, I only bother to write these articles if the topic is something unique, esoteric, and/or fairly difficult to find the solution to by simply typing it into Google. I am by no means a tech expert, but I’m no slouch either. This is my way of “giving back” to the internet that has helped me though many difficult tech support issues at work and home.


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