I Workout, Do my Physical Fitness……

Yes I know it’s been a long time since I have posted anything but that doesn’t make this information any less valid.  I have recently stumbled upon a different type of weight training advice that I would like to share with all of you.  Well it’s not so much advice, it’s a new study that has come out pertaining to physical fitness and muscle building.

So lets say you have never weight lifted before but you want to start.  What do you do?  You would probably either go to a gym and ask somebody or ask a friend who works out  quite a bit.  The answers would most likely look like this, ” Do X amount of weight for a set amount of reps and sets”.  What I normally do is about 70% of my one rep max (1RM) for 8-10 reps for four sets.  Sounds pretty standard give or take a rep or set and you pretty much have every other persons workout too.  Well a new study shows that you might not have too lift so heavy to get the desired muscular gains you want.

The title of the research article is,  Low-Load High Volume Resistance Exercise Stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis More Than High-Load Low Volume Resistance Exercise in Young Men.  I think the title pretty much speaks for itself but here is the quick rundown.  The scientists set up two workout routines using leg extensions has their exercise.  One group would do 90% of their 1RM to failure for 4 sets.  The second group did 30% of their 1RM to failure for 4 sets.  Failure was considered when the subject could not do the full range of motion of the exercise anymore.  One second was taken to do the concentric portion of the rep, one second for the eccentric portion and zero seconds for a pause. Subjects were allowed to rest 3 minutes in between each set.  The results showed that the low-load high volume exercise was better at building muscle.  The scientists put it like this, ” These results suggest that low-load high volume resistance exercise is more effective in inducing acute muscle anabolism than high-load low volume or work matched resistance exercise modes”.  The big thing I take away from this is that it’s not that important that you do a set amount of reps but that you should always go to failure.  I have also been doing this type of workout for the past week.  I’ll see what happens later on down the road.

As always I recommend you read the full research article below before you take my word for it.

low-load high volume vs. high-load low volume

Skeptics Guide

Not now chief.  I’m in the zone.


Demented Harlequin Gang

Hey everybody guess who’s back.  No it’s not me, it’s the Insane Clown Posse and maybe they’re not really back.  Turns out they’ve been lurking in the shadows the whole time working on something special.  Actually now that I think about it, it’s not that special and I’m glad I never listened to them before.  So apparently this whole time ICP wanted people to follow god and all their other albums before were supposed to warn people of the dangers of going to hell or something.  I will admit that I’m not to sure on all the details but you can read it on their Wikipedia entry if you like.  I could really care less what these guys do, the real reason I wanted y’all to read this was for some miracles and magic and shit yo!

Please feel free to rip this apart

Heard it here first

SNL parody video

Really?! Get a Life

Listen everybody I don’t know who or what The Vigilant Citizen is, but from what I can tell it seems to be a website focusing on conspiracy theories and the like.  Some of the latest crap to come from this site is a two part article talking about how Lady Gaga is part of the Illuminati.  Really, I just find this so crazy I choose not to talk about it.  Although if you wish to subject yourself to this particular type of crazy you can check it out at the links below.  If anything its worth a good laugh.

Lady Gaga Illuminati Part1

Lady Gaga Illuminati Part2

Gotta give the skeptics credit, SkepticsGuide

Eye see you

Great Scott!

Hey all, I’m happy to announce Mr. Fusion is almost here!  Alright maybe I exaggerated but creating controlled fusion of atoms is just around the corner.  Scientists at the National Ignition Facility(NIF) are using powerful lasers aimed at a tiny fuel pellet made from an isotope of hydrogen to try to create “ignition”.  In the article this “ignition” is described as a controlled thermonuclear explosion.  Now how cool is that?

Now in the past many thought that fusion would not be possible with powerful lasers because of the amount of plasma it would create could interrupt the fusion.  It appears however that the plasma is not as big of a problem as originally thought based on the scientists findings.  The scientists also discovered that the plasma could be controlled to increase the uniformity of the compression, which probably means more efficient fusion. With such discoveries the NIF plasma scientist, Dr. Glenzer, seems quite confident that ignition is not to far off.  He has even stated, “It’s going to happen this year.”

I do this article no justice.  Please read more HERE

National Ignition Facility


Dowsing for Bombs

Hey everybody, I just found some more pseudoscience for you all.  This time it has to do with the effect known as dowsing.  For anyone out there that doesn’t know dowsing is a very old pseudoscience where a dowser will use Y or L shaped sticks to find water or some other substance.  Like many pseudosciences dowsing was debunked long ago but still hangs around to this day.  Many believers say that things like ghosts, people, treasure, radiation and pretty much anything else they can think of can be found using this technique.  The newest form of dowsing comes in the form of a bomb detector.  The idea of this pseudoscience being used for bomb detection is almost laughable till you found out that the ADE-651 is being used in Iraq.  The ADE-651 is basically a  metal stick with a “black box” attached to it that senses the “frequency” of explosive material.  A card with a label on it designates what you want it to look for such as TNT and this card is put into the box.  When this card is cracked open what you find is nothing more than a cheap security device that would be found on a CD case at Target.  These security devices can’t be programmed and have no type of memory and lets not forget that these devices have no batteries and are powered by the users static electricity, WOW.  The problem is these things have allowed many bombs to slip past checkpoints despite their $40,000 price tag.  At least people are starting to notice how ineffective these devices are and investigations are being conducted on the UK company that produces them.  In the end this is all just a modern twist on an ancient way of magical thinking.   As always for more info check it out here BBC News


God is not Great?

So for all of you that do not know the story, about two months or so back I went to a small bar downtown for what I thought was going to be a small concert.  Turns out it was a really small concert, like maybe 20 to 24 people watching this dude perform.  This dude is George Hrab and he is a musician that also has a podcast.  Basically he is just a hilarious guy with some funny songs.  Thought I would share one let me know what ya think. Oh the show was pretty fucking cool too.  I would definitely go again.




Mystery Picture

So this is a very interesting picture that I would like to share with y’all.  I would like everyone to take a look at this picture and make a guess as to what it could be.  Then you can scroll down and I’ll let you know whats up.

At first glance it looks like a cool barren landscape with some trees scattered about.  What if I told you this was a picture of Mars?  Well it is a picture of Mars with what looks like trees but unfortunately scientists have not found trees on Mars.  I just think its cool that when pictures are taken at certain angles from far away with no frame of reference to size you could see trees on Mars.  As it turns out though it’s just melting ice with dust or something.  Get the whole story here.