HP 2530p WIFI Hard Disabled after Clonezilla disk clone

Today, after using the newest stable release of Clonezilla -version 2.4.2-32, in boot CD form- to make a disk clone of my laptop’s (HP 2530p) hard drive, I found that the internal wireless LAN adapter was inoperable. Even the LED light/toggle button was stuck on the off/amber color.

After trying all the standard things in terms of software and hardware, and some less than helpful Googling, I was only able to find that it may have been hard locked by the Linux kernel used on the boot CD.

Knowing nothing about Linux or its drivers, and using Windows 7 on the laptop, I figured I may just be fucked. I tried reinstalling the windows driver, system restore, and everything else you can in Windows 7, and I also physically re-seated the card and its antenna connections.

I tried a startup test in the Bios and found no issues. I had already tried disabling the card and re-enabling it in the Bios, with no effect. But, all that gave me the idea of doing a complete reset on the Bios settings themselves.

Once I reset the Bios to the default settings, the WIFI card was working normally again in Windows. The toggle switch and indicator light were able to change to the on/blue position, and the wifi connected like normal in Windows. Beware using Clonezilla on your laptop! Hope this helps.