Dawn of War 2 Retribution Skidrow LAN fix for name in use error

We have been playing Dawn of War 2: Retribution with the Skidrow crack (version because we wanted to play the game in our local (and offline) LAN without any bullshit. We had the game working swell on two computers, but after that we discovered the other PCs in our LAN would get an strange error when trying to join the game.

The name you are trying to use is already in the game

The other odd thing was once the error occurred, the person trying to join would “push” their name onto the host.  Now, of course, our names were different and we checked all the obvious things like the the various config files and I even searched the registry for anything that would cause the error. The internet was no help either, the one half way decent idea I found was to try the “smart steam” crack, but that did not help us at all (in fact just caused us more issues). We tried many other, almost silly, fixes too.

We were racking our brains at this point, why were three of four computers able to join a game with the one PC that had never gotten the error, but not able to join any games with each other? Then we realized the only relevant difference was that the working PC -the one that never got the error, period- had the game installed on a second HDD (D:) in a custom directory. At this point, we already tried reinstalling the game on the non-working PCs in a custom folder and it did not help.

The fix for us was to run the game off of a different drive other than C: on the trouble PCs. Well technically one of them is still running it off the default directory on C:, because only one doing that was not causing us any issues. The two we fixed do not have second hard drives, so how we fixed this was having them run the game off of my server that is in the same LAN. I just created a share, copied the whole (crack and all) install directory of the game to it, and had the PCs run the game off of the server. Worked perfect.

Of course, not everyone has a server sitting in their LAN room, but running it from anywhere other than C: seems to fix the issue. So you could just run the game off of an external drive, or a share that is just on another PC in your LAN. For doing it over the network, you can either map a drive, or just create a shortcut to the UNC path of the DOW exe.

Even more ironic, is that now we can even connect to games with two people using the same name

I know its a stupid sounding fix, but I hope this helps someone. Happy LAN gaming!