Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires PAL is region free, works in US PS3

I bought the UK (PAL) version of Dynasty Warriors 7 : Empires because I’m old school and like to have a disk in my hand for the new game I just purchased. I know the vast majority of PS3 games are region free, meaning you can import games from other territories and play them, but that there have been some exceptions (apparently including an earlier DW title).


It’s so pretty. It even comes with a full color manual that is actually helpful! Old school, indeed.

I looked over Google for a forum post or anything that might confirm that the game was region free, but mostly ended up with piracy links. I found the game on Play Asia’s site and it has it listed as region free. So I took the chance trusting the site and bought the game on Amazon, keeping my fingers crossed.

After a bit longer delivery wait time than I’m used to (my friends and I jested that it was arriving via ancient Chinese warship), I got the game and fired it up last night. It works perfectly in my North American (NTSC) 60GB “Fat” PS3, so I can confirm that the game is region free.

Hopefully that can help someone looking for the same info I was. As for the game itself? I’ve long given up on my mini reviews for this blog, but I can say that it is awesome. If you (and your coop friends) enjoyed DW6:Empires, you will certainly love this game. They basically expanded and improved on the previous title in every way. Even my friend who has never played the series before insisted on staying up until 2am on a work night to drink beers and couch coop it. =)


Help get Valkyria 3 released in the US!

I’m sure by now most fans of Valkyria Chronicles are well aware of the in limbo state of the US release of the third title in the series. Apparently someone at Sega said in an interview a couple weeks ago that Valkyria 3 will not be coming stateside. This was later confirmed by another Sega employee.

More recently, yet another rep from Sega, after receiving a physical copy of an online petition to get the game released in the US, told fans that “not all hope is lost”.

Every Valkyria fan, even those without a PSP, should head on over to the Gallian Liberation Front to help in their campaign to help get the game released in the US in some form or another.

If you are on Facebook, you can start by “liking” their Facebook page. Also, you should sign the online petition to get the game released. I know fans doing stuff like this rarely makes a difference, but apparently Sega has taken notice of the fan response and now is the time for voicing your desire for the game! Every little bit helps, so go support GLF and their cause!

Haruhi PS3 game teaser video

On Thursday, Bandai Namco Games began streaming the above teaser promotional video (PV) for the limited editions of Suzumiya Haurhi no Tsuisō (The Reminiscences of Haruhi Suzumiya), a “wandering adventure” game for the PlayStation 3 and PSP gaming consoles. The game, due out March 24, 2011, ties in with the 2010 anime film The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

The game’s story, whose creation was supervised by the Disappearance film’s animation production committee, begins immediately after the ending of the film. The player assumes the role of the original light novels’ Kyon as he finds himself at the Kita High School Festival again in a world where the SOS Brigade does not exist.

Looks pretty sweet. The animation on the character models seem a little stiff in the video, but the graphics are perfect otherwise. Too bad there is like a 0% chance of a US release.


Valkyria Chronicles 3 official trailer and gameplay videos

Official Trailer:


Both from the Tokyo Game Show.

Have to say, it looks rather impressive for a PSP game. Now if how much better it looks visually than the second game holds true in reality or not is another story. Also, there really is no excuse for this to not be a PS3 game, but whatever I have a PSP now. I’m still just getting into VC2, for there to be a third game to look forward to is even better.

Now, make the fourth game for PS3, please!

Valkyria Chronicles 3 is official… on PSP again

This has been rumored for over a week, but I wanted to wait until it was official to post it. Valkyria Chronicles 3 will, to the dismay of all those wishing for the series to return to it’s PS3 roots, be another PSP title.

I made it no secret here about my displeasure with the second Valkyria being an apparent cop-out in the form of a PSP game when it was first announced. But, that was then and now is when I got my hands on a (super cheap, used) PSP specifically to play VC2.

I was planning on writing a review for the second game once I’ve played a significant portion of it, but I’ll give you the simple version for now: It’s a great game, an excellent game actually, but pretty much inferior to the first one nearly in every way. They made some interesting improvements on the formula of the game where they could, and the customization options are more robust. But something is missing.

As worthy of a sequel as VC2 is, sometimes it is still hard to look past things that were so great about the first game that are lacking in the second. I, as I am sure just about every other Valkyria fan out there, was hoping for VC3 to return to the PS3. No dice.

Anyway, the creators promise that the best of both the first and second game will return in the third title with some new features as well. They also tease that they wish for a future return to the PS3 for Valkyria, when they come up with ways to make it a completely new experience. I’ll believe it when I see it.

In the meantime, at least, I have a PSP now and can still look forward to playing the next Valkyria game whenever it is released in America.

Some more background info on the new Valkyria can be found here

-Dave out